Worst Case Scenario, You’ll Have Beer

Best case scenario, it’ll be good beer!

Worst Case Scenario Fermentation

Homebrewing beer is about Time, Temperature, Cleanliness, and Sterilization.  Making sure you’re in control of each of them and knowing what, when, and how to use them is the key to making great homebrew!

So what’s all this about?

  It’s about “Time”, in that you must manage your time and multitask to make sure everything is either staged for the next step or you’re waiting for something to finish. Worst case scenario, it takes much longer to brew your beer.

  It’s about “Temperature”, in that you’re either soaking modified grains to extract sugars or you’re soaking malted grains at very specific temperatures to activate enzymes that will convert starches to sugar. Worst case scenario you have a weaker beer.

  It’s about “Cleanliness”, which is either a mechanical or chemical action.  Mechanical is the action used to scrub or wash surfaces like brewing equipment, tables, and fermenters.  Chemical is the reaction of cleaners like Brewery Wash, PBW, or OxiClean that have a scrubbing effect on the surfaces they touch. Worst case scenario, you’ll have beer! There is nothing that can survive in beer that can harm you…

  It’s about “Sterilization” after the boil, which can make a homebrew either fantastic or disappointing.  Sterilization is either temperature or chemical based.  For a temperature-based sterilization, you basically kill bacterial with heat for a period.  For the chemical-based sterilization, bacteria wants a neutral environment.  Therefore, you either introduce an alkaline or acidic environment to kill off the bacteria from your homebrew to give the yeast the best chance of success. Worst case scenario, you’ll have beer! Once again, there is nothing that can survive in beer that can harm you…

So how do you find information about all this without going into INFO OVERLOAD on the internet?  You visit a homebrew store like The Grain Cellar for insight and instruction.  I’ve taught many advanced brewing classes along with basic 101 classes and I give my homebrew experience freely.  As always, The Grain Cellar offers free homebrew classes in Humble, TX!

Remember: Worst Case Scenario, You’ll Have Beer! Best case scenario, it’ll be good beer!

If you have any questions about homebrewing or would like more information please leave me a comment below, and I will help in any way I can.



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