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North Houston's source in Humble, TX for Homebrew Supplies

Sharing Experience

Do you mind Sharing Experience and Knowledge?

On a couple homebrew forums I frequent, I go through the “new to brewing” forums and read posts about people asking the same old questions without researching answers.  You see things like: people transferring their beer from the Primary Fermenter to the Secondary Fermenter without taking a Hydrometer reading.  Or asking, “when is my beer ready to drink?”.  Or their post reads something like: “Help my beer is too sweet!”, “I didn’t take an OG but it is at 1.0xx now”, or a myriad of others.

So I pose the question to you: Do you mind sharing experience and knowledge? There are all kinds of people out there.  Some are methodical, some are in a hurry.  Which one are you?  As an example: I was in a local homebrew store and overheard a gentleman talking to the clerk about the beer he was making.  It turns out that his wife purchased a homebrew kit from the Internet.  He did not read the instructions (threw them away) and mixed water, priming sugar, and his extract together and put it in the bucket without the lid.  After that, he siphoned the homebrew into the bottles and well had a flat beer! After overhearing what the clerk told him, I had to speak up.  Just trying to help you know…  I explained the basics of brewing and why you would want to boil, along with the function of priming sugar.  I could tell it went in one ear and out the other.  He did not want to wait the required time for the beer to mature, or even for carbonation. I handed him a couple of the standards I feel (IMHO) all new brewers should read.  He immediately put them down and stated that he did not have time to read them.  Granted, my advice was unsolicited, so he wasn’t open to hearing it and that’s fine.  I’m sure you can guess what happened when I told him that brewing beer may not be for him. 

Back to the topic, I freely give any homebrewing knowledge to anyone willing to learn. I don’t mind sharing experience and answering the questions that frequently arise.  Most of the people who post those messages have been answered on more than one occasion but are usually in a hurry.  Maybe not to the extreme that I ran into, but they are new to the brewing hobby and are wanting to get started.  Nothing wrong with a little enthusiasm right?  I was new to homebrewing at one time and people were patient and understanding when I had dumb questions.  Therefore I will try to be the same and hopefully you will be also.

If you have any questions about homebrewing or would like more information please leave me a comment below, and I will help in any way I can. You can also stop in for a homebrew at The Grain Cellar. We offer free homebrew classes in Humble, TX!



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