North Houston's source in Humble, TX for Homebrew Supplies
North Houston's source in Humble, TX for Homebrew Supplies

Rogue Brewers Monthly Homebrew Club Meeting

Houston Homebrew CompetitionRogue Brewers February 2018 homebrew club meeting included an internal competition.  The style of beer was not one of the normal styles you would see in any BJCP Style Guideline.  The style chosen for the homebrew competition was a “White Stout”.  The rules were: Color 1-10 Standard Reference Method (SRM), and it had to have the traditional flavors and aroma of a stout.  There were eight Homebrew entries into the competition, all of which had great flavor, body, and aroma you would typically find in a stout.  Flavors like roasty, chocolate, vanilla, there was even a chai tea entry.

In the end there were three that stood out.  Two of which (Steve Bost & Kyle Fish) had the same number of votes (five a piece). So we had to have a tiebreaker judge.  Judges were those that did not have a stake in the competition.  When the dust settled Steve won with his smoked version of a white stout.

WhiteStoutMy entry used cold pressed coffee, and heavy cream (Yes it was cloudy).  I was trying to push the boundary and wanted to see if it could be done.  There were two things I was worried most about.  One of which was head retention, the other was I did not want it to be too coffee forward.  I wanted coffee to be in the background and not dominate the beer profile.  In the end I was satisfied with the outcome, it’s a decent beer.  It currently is on tap at The Grain Cellar, stop in if you would like to try some.

If you have any questions about homebrewing in Houston or would like more information please leave me a comment below, and I will help in any way I can.  You can also stop in for a homebrew at The Grain Cellar.  We offer free homebrew classes in Humble, TX!



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