North Houston's source in Humble, TX for Homebrew Supplies
North Houston's source in Humble, TX for Homebrew Supplies

Reflections on Running a Houston Homebrew Supply Store

:Homebrew supply store in HoustonThe Houston homebrew community is vibrant and more than a little passionate when it comes to learning and experimenting with various homebrew supplies and techniques.  Over the years, my interactions with countless individuals committing themselves to this activity helped me develop a real affinity for homebrewers and the friendships that evolve between them.

So,  it was only natural for me to decide to open a homebrew supply store in Houston, or more specifically in North East Houston, Humble.  I suppose I had visions of providing homebrew supplies and expertise that would somehow magically make homebrewers in Houston think of my store as the one-stop shop for homebrewing.

We’ve done well at The Grain Cellar even though there were plenty of times (like I suppose any small businessman would) that I had to wonder what in the world I was thinking to strike out on my own.  Still, there was a need for our services.  I found that the Houston homebrewing culture flocked to a store that offered a variety of homebrew supplies but more importantly represented the educational, impassioned and (guess we ought to admit it) sometimes competitive spirit of the activity.

Things have evolved since we opened.  We offer far more cheese making supplies and wine making supplies. For me, the free homebrew classes I’m privileged to offer probably represent the change I’m happiest with.  Speaking one on one with new homebrewers and experiencing their passion and enthusiasm drives and encourages me.  I get a chance to work with homebrewers in Houston with various levels of experience and I’ve lost count of how many incredible homebrew beers I’ve been able to try.

If there’s one thing The Grain Cellar has reinforced for me it’s this:  the homebrew community is something everyone can enjoy from the newest novice to the greatest expert.  For me, those who embrace my motto—worst case scenario you’ll have beer; best case scenario you’ll have great beer—are the reason I do what I do.  Sure, I always have four or five beers and a batch of wine in process at the store.  Still, it’s when I get Houston homebrew supply customers who want to talk and learn and share experiences…  Well, that’s when the recipe at The Grain Cellar is just perfect.

If you have any questions about homebrewing or would like more information please leave me a comment below, and I will help in any way I can. You can also stop in for a homebrew at The Grain Cellar. We offer free homebrew classes in Humble, TX!



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