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Best business card EVER!


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Carl is cool!

That's the way us Iowans roll...

Looking for that hard to find hop? We stock over 87 different varieties of hops! New At the Grain Cellar, Tenacious Badger Hops! Come get-em! 
AlphaAroma, Bitter Gold, Cashmere, Columbia, Mackinac, Michigan Coper, Tahoma, & Triple Pearl


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Awesome people ... very very helpful...

At the end of the day the McNeil Robotics team presented me with a poster to hang in the store. Here it is for your viewing pleasure!
More picture fairies invaded the store today. This ones name Emma.
I want to bring this weather back with me! They said I could as long as I send them some rain!

Anyway Steve Bost will be filling in tomorrow while Im out. Stop in and have a taste of one of the best NEIPAs I have ever brewed. The sooner its gone the sooner I can brew version 5 and make it even better. #FreeBeer #YouWantSomeOfThis #GoSeeSteve #OnlyAtTGC #NEIPA
I believe in craft brew!
While the cats away, the mice will play! Brian Eoff is minding the store and learning (YouTube) how to use the Grainfather. So stop in and say Hi! Im sure he wont mind.


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Busted! Come on by!

I have to go out of town for some personal stuff. Steve Bost will be manning the store Saturday, However he wont be able to make it till 1pm. So late start Tomorrow... Apologies for any inconvenience! ... See MoreSee Less

2 months ago

Have you ever wanted to push the Chocolate Envelope? If so, this is how you do it! Unsweetened liquid Organic Cacao available at TGC


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Amanda what are we brewing next this could work in a s'mores stout

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