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Great beer pouring at TGC!
Come get it!


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Just turn the store into a bar already

I wish!

See you tomorrow!



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You spelled my name wrong.

Excellent! And thank you to the little lady!

Congratz to the winners

Guess who showed up at the Rogue meeting. Southern Yankee Beer Company in the house! They brought a keg of Who’s Paul Pale Ale!
Blazing new trails! Just received my shipment of Masontops! These will take your mason jar fermentation experiments to the next level!
Find more info here:  http://www.masontops.com.
In the spirit of Halloween!


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Looks awesome Preston

First in Houston! Come try some Megaton Brewing Co. Vanilla Milk Stout. With a subtitle Vanilla nose, creamy yellow foam and subtle roast notes and cinnamon. You want some, and you know you want some more!


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I wish I was at home this weekend ☹️

Amanda and I are on the way.

bring me some!!!

Mystic Rogue Brewday at the store. My recipe calls for brownie mix, so I figured the darker the better right! So I’m going to add it at 130F or 57C along with a small portion of grain to give it a little time to convert then add the rest of the grain. Thoughts?


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Smells like hot coco!

Are you running a bakery over there now?! Hahaha.

Sure seems like it lol

Icing too?

Unfortunately it didn’t come with icing!

Can't wait to sample this 😆

Maybe too late for this but you could give amyloglucosidase enzyme a try if there is concern with conversion.

Looks very interesting

For a porter or stout that’s actually not a bad idea with the sweetness of the malt. Probably a very unique flavor if you can get the right balance with hops. I am itchin’ to brew with this perfect weather we’re having. See ya soon 😁

So... did it turn into brownie dumplings or clog up the grainfather? All that flour...

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Five Gallon (used) Bourbon Barrels available at The Grain Cellar! Comes with a stand!


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How much.


Damian Keith Guillot Nikki Guillot

Jonathan Sterchy are we advanced enough to try this?


Rob O'Rell Andrew Louie 😁

Price please.

How much are they

Mark B Morris

Got mine! There’s only a few left.

Only 4 left!

Wish i had the space for one 😖 lol

I got mine yestersay. Barleywine's new temporary home soon!

All gone!

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