North Houston's source in Humble, TX for Homebrew Supplies
North Houston's source in Humble, TX for Homebrew Supplies

The Cheese Making Class… Mozzarella

Most of you know The Grain Cellar as a homebrew supply store serving the Greater Houston Area, and that’s something I’m happy to be known for. In fact, I offer free homebrew classes and help local Houston homebrewers any way I can. As far as I’m concerned, there’s nothing I’d rather be doing than brewing beer and helping others do the same. That’s not all The Grain Cellar offers, though. We also have supplies for cheese making and we offer free classes for that as well. On Saturday, we held a class for mozzarella and not only was it educational but it tasted great and was a whole lot of fun as well.

Cheese makingSo why would a homebrew supply store offer cheese making supplies as well? The reality is that cheese making as well as wine making fit nicely into the world of homebrew. The key is that cheese makes use of enzymes, bacteria and naturally formed acids to solidify milk proteins and fat and preserve them. For homebrew the same three things are used. Enzymes to create sugars from malt, bacteria (yeast) to create alcohol and Co2 from sugars, and the acids that come from the malt change the perceived body or mouthfeel.  To craft a homebrew, you prepare the ingredients for fermentation, start the fermentation, which then turns it to beer. That’s a simplified process, sure, but it’s also exactly how cheese is made. A starter culture and other ingredients is added to milk, which coagulates the lactose (milk sugar) and we’re off to the races. We offer various kits for various types of cheeses from goat cheese to farmhouse cheddar along with rennet and other cultures.

Maybe it’s time for you to plan a fun homebrew and cheese-making adventure. Brew up a nice wit and make your first batch goat cheese. Of course, you can go online to any of the foodie sites to see what beers they think go with what cheeses. The key is to experiment and enjoy it yourself. Like homebrewing, cheese-making should be fun!

If you have any questions about homebrewing in Houston or would like more information please leave me a comment below, and I will help in any way I can.  You can also stop in for a homebrew at The Grain Cellar.  We offer free homebrew classes in Humble, TX!



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